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Art pour la liberte Prieres pour Charlie Hebdo Art commemorant l'heritage de ces grands journalistes Un hommage a Je Suis Charlie pour la liberte ... presse par l'artiste surréaliste Grace Divine Art pour la liberte Prieres pour Charlie Hebdo Art commemorant l heritage de ces grands journalistes Un hommage a Je Suis Charlie pour la liberte d expression et de presse par l artiste surr aliste Grace Divine GraceDivine

About the Author: Grace Divine

MERCI POUR VOTRE VISITE Grace Divine est un crivain artiste inspir.Le travail de Grace est fait la main, c est organique et naturel.4 GRATUIT, tlchargez ART PROPOS DE Grace Divine Art L art de Grace Divine est prsent dans le documentaire de la BBC LA VIE PRIVE D UN CHEF D UVRE LE BAISERpar Gustav Klimt ICONdu 20me sicle Il a t montr dans les tablissements commerciaux et dans les galeries d art travers les tats Unis, et pour le bien public, au Galerstein Women s Center Dallas, au Texas.With THOUSANDS of paintings and photos in her portfolio encompassing a wide range of genres from abstract to representational, florals to landscapes and figures, Grace Divine paints in over 30 styles and is the creator of several unique styles including Parody Prayers and Shamanic Surrealism COLLECT HER ART originals, prints commission.AUTHOR BIOGRAPHYby Grace DivineI am a survivor who believes in the inexorable power of the human spirit I am a believer who has seen through tragedy into the eye of the setting sun knowing that the morrow can bring a new and brighter day I am a compassionate human being who empathizes with the suffering of others and wants to be there for them And I do this by writing transformational stories filled with characters that are imbued with passion and love.I was born in California When I was five, my parents divorced Shortly after, my father abducted me He put me in the trunk of a car where I held on to a plastic cane filled with candy as I lay spread eagle on my stomach From California, he took me to Tijuana Mexico From there, I was flown to Malaga, Spain I was left in a dreary and secluded all girl catholic boarding school for several years during which time I didn t see my mother.When I was eight, my paternal grandmother took me to Mexico City for two years There I was exposed to the mysticism and magic of the native Indian cultures After returning to Spain, I finally came back to the United States I was a teenager who couldn t speak English Happily, I saw my mother again But sadly, six months after my return, she disappeared in a flood Her body was never found.I went to ten schools in three countries for the first twelve years including four high schools During this time, I had to contend with a father whose mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions caused him to be a dangerous sadist I was barely eighteen years old when I ran away from home because he threatened to kill me with a 38 revolver.Within two weeks, I found a job and bought a car I moved into the dorms at the University of California at Irvine From there, I graduated with a Bachelor s Degree in Linguistics and the ability to speak five languages While at UCI I also married Sadly, my first pregnancy ended in stillbirth Which I have painted about Notwithstanding this and other hardships I enrolled and graduated from UCLA Law School We moved to Texas and while I was raising my children, I graduated from the University of Texas Dallas where I received a Masters Degree in Arts and Humanities There I took several writing courses At this time, I began a career as a visual writing artist.Then, after many years of marriage, my husband and I grew apart and I filed for divorce The next day I began to write A year later I had a fully finished science fiction novel, APPLE TOWN, CALIFORNIA When the movie agent asked me how I wrote it, I told him that I saw the images and painted them on paper with words The story received excellent reviews It is a story about facing almost insurmountable challenges and succeeding a story of light and hope amidst utter darkness that speaks of the human s souls capacity for incredible transformation.And where do I get my inspiration From childhood, I had a vivid imagination that put me in touch with special and extraordinary things and places Incredibly, from an early age, sometimes my nighttime dreams manifested in the physical world These innate skills, along with incredible lifetime experiences and personal evidence of extraordinary energies helped me survive throughout all of life s hardships Also, I have used these intuitive skills as a professional psychic medium working for individuals and large groups of people and as I have worked for several investigators who were at some time employed by the public defenders office in Orange County, California Today, I use my skills to connect with nature and with the universe via numerous spiritual practices Once connected, I use the positive energy to inspire my writing, art and music I therefore credit my creativity to this connection Ultimately, in everything I do, my desire is to motivate others in a positive way and to bring education, hope, understanding, healing and love to the world.End of BiographySee below to find out how to get your book SIGNED DEDICATED 4 FREE.PLEASE HELP ME IMPROVE Dear Patron,Your happiness is important to me BEFORE posting a negative review, PLEASE give me a chance to improve my book As a THANKS, I will sign and dedicate your book Please mail the book to me please include a return envelop with address and post included And dearest patron, I thank you SINCERELY for allowing me to improve my work.Grace Divine is creator of ONE BOOK PER DAY and her books include art, education, coloring, novels, short stories, poetry, children s, art prints, reviews opinion commentary, true story, bios, comic, etc.SUBJECTS Animals, anthropology, art, bilingual language Spanish English Other , channeled work, decorative images to hang, educational, fiction, geometry, how to, horror, inspirational, language learning, math basic , metaphysical, motivational, new age, non fiction, paranormal, photography, poetry, prints for decor, science fiction, shamanism, spirituality, etc.Thank you for your visit.And please do come again to check out our new offerings.Wishing you well always,GRACE DIVINEwww.Grace Divine.comAll of Grace s original books are lovingly handmade, designed, drawn and created by a human her.DISCLAIMER Grace Divine s books, art and music constitute opinions and news worthy educational information for the benefit of the public created under US Constitution 1st Amendment free speech religion protections and fair use.Finally, Grace Divine makes her books available SOLELY onat the best prices Please purchase all books by Grace Divine onTHANK YOU XO

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