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Five Came Back ONE The Only Way I Could SurviveHOLLYWOOD, MARCH APRIL In The Spring Of , Jack Warner Hosted An Industry Dinner For The Exiled Novelist Thomas Mann A Nobel Laureate Whose Outspoken Opposition To Hitler And His Policies Had Led To The Revocation Of His German Citizenship, Mann Was Then Germanys Leading Anti Nazi Voice In The United States His Presence At A Hollywood Event Was, If Not A Call To Arms, At Least A Call To Wallets It Was Also A Political Coming Out Of Sorts For Warner And His Older Brother Harry, Who, Just Three Weeks After The Anschluss, Were Ready To Commit Themselvesand,significantly, The Company They And Their Brothers Albert And Sam Had Founded In To The Fight Against The Nazis The Day Before The Dinner, The Studio Had Shut Down Its Offices In Austria It Had Stopped Working With Germany Four Years EarlierThe Fact That Warner Bros Was At The Time The Only Studio To Take Such A Step Suggests The Extreme Uneasiness That Characterized The Behavior Of The Men, Almost All Of Them Jewish, Who Ran Hollywoods Biggest Companies Freewheeling And Entrepreneurial Within The Confines Of The Industry They Had Helped To Create, They Approached Politics Only Haltingly And After Agonized Deliberation While Bottom Line Imperatives Were Unquestionably A Part Of Their Calculus, Their Trepidation Also Emanated From An Accurate Understanding Of Their Fragile Place In American Culture To Confront Any National Or International Issue That Might Turn The Spotlight On Their Religion Was To Risk Animosity And Even Censure The Motion Picture Business Was Still Just Thirty Years Old Most Of The People Who Had Built It Were First Or Second Generation Americans Who Were Still Viewed Warily By The Large Portion Of The Countrys Political Power Structureto Say Nothing Of The Press And Publicthat Had In Common A Tacit And Sometimes Overt Anti Semitism The Moguls Knew They Were Perceived As Arrivistes And Aliens Whose Loyalties Might Be Divided Between The Adoptive Nation That Was Making Them Wealthy And Their Roots In Their Old HomelandsAs Hitler Consolidated His Power In The S, Studio Chiefs Tended To Express Their Jewish Identity In Personal, One On One Appeals And In The Quiet Writing Of Checks To Good Causes, Not In Speeches Or Statements, And Certainly Not In The Movies They Oversaw Mostly, They Stayed Quiet The Decorous Country Club Discretion Of MGMs Louis B Mayer Was Muchthe Norm Than The Recent Behavior Of The Warners Real Name Wonskolaser , Jewish Immigrants From Poland Who Didnt Tiptoe Around Their Hatred Of Fascism And Of Hitler And Were Increasingly Unafraid To Go Public And To Use Their Position To Influence Others The Warners Were Ardently Pro Roosevelt Unlike Most Of The Other Studio Czars, Who Were Business Minded Antilabor Republicans , And Harry, Who Was The Eldest And Very Much The Voice Of His Studio, Had Recently Urged All Of His Employees To Join The Hollywood Anti Nazi League For The Defense Of American Democracy, The Movie Industrys First And Strongest Anti Hitler Rallying And Fund Raising Organization Ce Texte Fait R F Rence L Dition BrochThe Bombs Fall On Pearl Harbor On December And Hollywood Rolls Up Its Sleeves And Swaps The Diplomatic Velvet Glove For The Patriotic Steel Fist A Story Well Worth Telling Observer A Captivating History Makes You Want To Revisit Many Of The Films Daily Telegraph Mark Harris Conducts A Fastidious Investigation Into The Five Top Filmmakers Who Put Their Careers On Hold To Help The War Effort Fascinating Total Film Harris Deftly Threads The Story Of Each Man Into The Wider Canvases Of Hollywood And The War Scotland On Sunday Gripping Reveals How An Elite Squad Of Hollywood S Greatest Directors Recorded The Bravest And Bloodiest Actions Of World War II Mail On Sunday Tough Minded, Information Packed And Irresistibly Readable New York Times Can T Put It Down History Of The World War II Propaganda Film San Francisco Chronicle Harris Has A Huge Story To Tell, And He Does So Brilliantly An Inspirational, If Cautionary, Tale Of The Triumph Of The Individual Over The Collective, Of Personal Vision Over Groupthink, And Ultimately Of Art Over Propaganda Wall Street Journal Harris Is A Lively Commentator, And A Master Weaver Of Multifarious Threads Empire Impeccably Researched And Irresistibly Entertaining Belfast Telegraph Full Of Colourful Anecdotes About The Golden Age Of Hollywood As Well As Unflinching Descriptions Of What The Directors Faced On The Frontline, The Plus Pages Just Fly By This Would Make A Great Movie Aberdeen Evening Express This Is As Epic An Undertaking As Those Historical Hollywood Sagas Of The S And S, Including Anecdotes From This Golden Age Of Film Good Book Guide I Enjoyed The Honesty Of This Book It Opened My Eyes The Truth About Lies Daily Telegraph

About the Author: Mark Harris

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Five Came Back , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Mark Harris auteurs dans le monde.

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