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Latino Art Collection/Tattoo: Tattoo-inspired Chicano, Maya, Aztec & Mexican Styles ottimo prezzo assolutamente perfetto arrivato puntuale e senza alcun tipo di problema.Pienamente soddisfatto dell acquisto effettuato senza alcun difetto ottimo i am extremely unhappy with the selection of art in this book..thank god i bought it off here because thru his actual website it cost doublenot tryin to be a hater but was disappointed Ich bin sehr entt uscht Ich hatte, wie auf dem Deckblatt zu sehen, Bilder von alter Maya oder Azteken Kunst erwartet Ich war auf der Suche nach Tatto Motiven Dieses Buch enth lt leider fast ausschlie lich moderne Grafiken, sehr viele Skulls, die an sich sch n sein m gen, mir aber bei meiner Suche nach altert mlichen Mustern und Grafiken leider nicht weiter helfen Ich finde, dass das Cover des Buches und der Titel sehr irref hrend sind Und 98 Euro sind ja nun auch ein Wort Ich k nnte mir in den Ar beissen.Ansonsten ist das Buch ein hochwertiger Bildband, wahrscheinlich 5 Sterne wert f r Leute, die solche Bilder suchen, aber mit dem genannten Hintergrund gebe ich hier nur einen Stern Wer mir ein Buch o mit Azteken Mustern und Grafiken nennen kann, kann mich gerne unter 01776024965 anrufen. Bought for my son s friend He loved his birthday present. So I bought this book thinking it was going to give me some ideas on mayan or Aztec tattoos but it has almost nothing about mayan or Aztec work, just a bunch of cholo style pictures and drawings so if you want a book to get some tattoo ideas that have to do with Aztec or mayan please do yourself a favor and don t buy this book I enjoy and am inspired by tight, precise, technically perfect and imaginative drawing owning and viewing such work fills my gut with a actual physical happiness that I try like hell to reproduce with my own work, on paper and skin, and only sometimes succeed so I m going to rate this book by percentages on how much of it makes the grade About 40% of the large and beautifully reproduced pages are filled with the kind of work that really kick my ass, the masterful stuff that truly deserves to be there Another 40% is good stuff, done well enough and the remaining 20% is mostly dreck that should never have seen print just as expert artwork inspires me , crappy stuff offends me Having said all that, this book is inspired by tattooing, but is not meant as a flash book, ready to show customers It could serve as a spring board for ideas for custom work though If you are looking for excellent VATO style designs, I would highly recommend BOOG s big 148 page flash book, ready to trace off and make a stencil This book is for your ART BOOK shelf mine is bulging already COOL am very pleased with my selection D In English, French, Spanish German Edgar Hoill, The Co Author Of The Much Praised Tattoo Trilogy Black Grey Tattoo Presents This Globally Unique Compilation Of Motifs From The Ambience Of Latin American Culture This Lavishly Illustrated Large Format Volume Features The Work Of Artists And Tattooists Who Rank Among The Best That The Scene Has To Offer They Come From The Chicano Scene In Los Angeles And Elsewhere In California, As Well As From Mexico And Europe Their Sketches And Pictures Are An Impressive Compendium And Source Of Inspiration, A Captivating Mixture Of Chicano Styles, Inspired By Aztec Imagery And Mayan Art, Along With Contemporary Mexican Motifs That Have Never Before Been Shown In This Way This Weighty Photobook Is The Ideal Work For Tattooists Who Are Searching For New Visual Inspirations And Ideas Creative Individuals From The Genres Of Art, Fashion And Design Will Likewise Find Diverse And Stimulating Ideas And Inspiration Here Life And Death Are The Leitmotifs Of These Powerful Latino Inspired Pictorial Creations Art From Mi Vida Loca My Crazy Life To The Dia De Los Muertos Day Of The Dead , Plus Low Riders And Religious Iconography HSHHA

About the Author: Edgar Hoill

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Latino Art Collection/Tattoo: Tattoo-inspired Chicano, Maya, Aztec & Mexican Styles , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Edgar Hoill auteurs dans le monde.

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