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Thai magic tattoos For Hundreds Of Years, Thai Buddhist Monks, Using Magical Incantations And Spells, Have Been Covering People S Bodies With Indelible Ink Marks In The Belief That They Will Attract Luck, Wealth, And Blessings Images Of Tattooed Men Appear In 18th Century Murals In The Past, People Believed That These Tattoos Would Provide Protection Against Evil Spirits And Could Render The Bearer Invulnerable To Stab Wounds And Even Bullets Known In Thai As Sak Yant, These Ancient Tattoos Are Today Undergoing A Revival In Popularity, Both In Thailand And Beyond In Addition, Thai Tattoo Masters Are Invited To Practice Their Art Abroad, Thus Increasing The Popularity Of Sak Yant Worldwide Drawing On Research Fields As Diverse As Anthropology, Religion, History, Medicine, And Psychology, Thai Magic Tattoos The Art And Influence Of Sak Yant Also Seeks To Explain How Tattoos Can Change The Life Of The Bearer With Magnificent New Photographs By Rene Drouyer, Thai Magic Tattoos Is An Essential Guide To This Fascinating Subject.Rene Drouyer, A French Post Graduate Engineer And A Former Student Of Fine Arts School, Is A Passionate Traveller, Illustrator And Photographer His Work Has Taken Him To Different Countries On The Planet Where He Has Recorded The Many Facets Of Architecture, Places Of Worship, Festivals And People His Arresting And Wide Ranging Body Of Photographs And Illustrations Appeared Regularly On The Front Covers Of Books, Magazines And Other Publications Among Them, La Documentation Francaise Le Defi Chinois 2008 National Geographic 1000 Events That Shaped The World 2008 National Geographic Traveler Paris 2007 Portugal By Charles F Gritzner, Douglas A Phillips Rivers By Laurie Burnham, Geoffrey H Nash Encyclopedia Of The Peoples Of Asia And Oceania Volume 1 Barbara A West 2008 Entertaining From Ancient Rome To The Super Bowl By Melitta Weiss Adamson, Francine Segan 2008 Mesopotamia Christine Mayfield, Kristine M Quinn Siddhartha Gautama The Buddha By Lisa Zamosky 2007 European City Breaks , 2nd By Jo Williams, Sophie Blacksell 2007 Travel And Tourism By Carol Inskipp 2008 World And Its Peoples Eastern And Southern Asia 2007 China The Culture By Bobbie Kalman 2008 Arts And Culture By John Tidey, Jackie Tidey 2008 Vietnam, Cambodia Where Shanghai CityGuide WHERE MAGAZINE 2008 Porto By Anwer Bati 2008 Chine Michelin MFPM 2010 Portugal Le Petit Fut 2010 Paris F Minin Le Petit Fut 2010 Kennedy S New Latin Primer By Benjamin Kennedy And Gray Gerrish China A Visual Adventure 2008 Paris De Fodor Travel Publications 2009 His Illustrations Appear Regularly On Advertising Campaigns, On The Decoration Of Fashion And Home Items, Apple Applications, Internet Sites, And As Background To The Presentation Of TV Shows His Particular Interest With Painting And Etching Led Him To Exhibit Some Of His Work In Damascus, Lyon, And Paris Isabel Azevedo Drouyer Studied Archaeology And Art History At The Universite Lumiere In Lyon And, At The Universite Charles De Gaulle In Lille, France She Conducted A Comparative Study On Iconography Stone Sculpture Between Cambodia And Central Java Between The 6th And The 11th Century At University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur She Has Been Involved In Several Lectures Angkor And The Mountain Temples, Greek And Buddhist Art , Study Trips Stone Sculpture And The Temples Of Central Java Stone Sculpture And The Temples Of Angkor The Caves Of The Mon Country Myanmar Buddhist Bas Reliefs In The City Of Bagan , And Workshops Passionate Of Anthropology, Over The Last Few Years, Her Research Focuses On The Highland People Of South East Asia, With A Special Interest On The Naga, The Chin And The Kachin From Myanmar.

About the Author: Isabel Azevedo Drouyer

Isabel Azevedo Drouyer studied archeology and art history at the Universite Lumiere in Lyon and, at the Universite Charles de Gaulle in Lille, France She conducted a comparative study on iconography stone sculpture between Cambodia and Central Java between the 6th and the 11th century at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur She has been involved in several lectures Angkor and the mountain temples, Greek and Buddhist art , study trips stone sculpture and the temples of Central Java Stone sculpture and the temples of Angkor the caves of the Mon country Myanmar Buddhist bas reliefs in the city of Bagan , and workshops Passionate of anthropology, over the last few years, her research focuses on the highland people of Southeast Asia, with a special interest on the Naga, the Chin and the Kachin from Myanmar.

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