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Madhur Jaffreys World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking From Her Own India, From Bali, Japan, China, From Far Eastern And Middle Eastern Countries, Madhur Jaffrey Brings Us Tantalizing New Dishes, New Flavors And New Aromas 400 Recipes Using Nutritious Ingredients.

10 thoughts on “Madhur Jaffreys World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking

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    I bought this book because I was stuck in the food doldrums Everything I made seemed to turn out as the same boring Rachel mush I m the kind of person who reads cookbooks for ideas, but rarely actually follows recipes closely So my idea of a good cookbook is one that is fun to read an

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    I like this cookbook, but I have one major gripe it s a gripe that I seem to share with many other people the spice measurements are WAY too low For any recipe that I ve tried saag paneer being my favorite at the moment , I go with at least 1.5x the amounts of spices and flavorings like peppers

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    Madhur Jaffrey has written many many great cook books, but this is my all time favorite It has hundreds something like 400 recipes from all over Asian China, India, Japan etc And every recipe I have tried has been excellent Most are fairly straig...

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    This is an excellent cookbook for all cooks, not only vegetarians The recipes are taken from all Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, and presented in a simple, accessible format The list of ingredients is usually kept to a minimum, and the description of preparation is easy to follow Jaffrey understands how the Wes

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    Instantly and always in my top 5 cookbooks This Jaffrey tome in particular made Asian vegetarian food approachable and even easy for someone raised on meat and potatoes and 80s casseroles Focused on flavorful fresh whole foods before that was a thing Straightforward recipes with suggested alternative ingredients where neede

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    Given its time and place, this is a pretty good cookbook Very thorough Especially imagining it as a counterpoint to the often overly cheesy literal and figurative vegetarian cookbooks of the 70s an 80s.Still, at this point, I think her translations ar...

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    I lost count a long time ago of how many copies of this book I have given to other people people who were new to vegetarianism, or just wanted something interesting I can make when my daughter is home because she doesn t eat meat any, for example Some of those copies are quite batter...

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    Not only is this a joy to read but the recipes are wonderful 50% Indian and 50% other Asian cultures including Indonesian and Caucus Madhur Jaffrey s commentary is very complete and unpretentious I have learned cooking techniques and get continually exposed to new vegetables and sp...

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    These recipes often sound a bit strange to me, or the ingredients are not ones I m likely to have on hand at the same time Nevertheless, it s a great book has never once let us down As for the spices, the recipe ...

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    Extensive selection of vegetarian recipes, arranged thematically Some great explanatory notes on specific ingredients like tofu Good tips tricks for known recipes like Upma I tried several egg dishes ko...

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