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The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections When You Learn To Awaken Your Family S Creativity, Wonderful Things Will Happen You Ll Make Meaningful Connections With Your Children In Large And Small Ways Your Children Will Often Engage In Their Own Creative Discoveries And Your Family Will Embrace New Ways To Relax, Play, And Grow Together With Just The Simple Tools Around You Your Imagination, Basic Art Supplies, Household Objects, And Natural Materials You Can Transform Your Family Life, And Have So Much Fun Amanda Soule Has Charmed Many With Her Tales Of Creativity And Parenting On Her Blog, SouleMama Here She Shares Ideas And Projects With The Same Warm Tone And Down To Earth Voice Perfect For All Families, The Wide Range Of Projects Presented Here Offers Ideas For Imaginative Play, Art And Crafts, Nature Explorations, And Family Celebrations This Book Embraces A Whole New Way Of Living That Will Engage Your Children S Imagination, Celebrate Their Achievements, And Help You To Express Love And Gratitude For Each Other As A Family.

About the Author: Amanda Blake Soule

I m Amanda, and I live in beautiful Portland, Maine with my husband, Steve, and our three young adventure seekers Calvin, Ezra, and Adelaide Our days are spent making things, exploring our coastal Maine surroundings, and growing together as a family.I ve always had a love of textiles and crafting, but it wasn t until the birth of my first child that creating became an essential part of my daily life Making things became a way for me to nurture myself in the busy and giving role of Mama, as well as a way to save money and conserve resources by repurposing readily available materials Making things also allows me to connect with countless women before me and share my love through the gift of handmade with those dearest to me.Creating with my children inherently the most creative beings of all is a source of tremendous inspiration, growth and connection for our entire family Whether through sewing, paper craft, music, cooking, nature exploration, or imaginative play, I believe there are many ways for each of us regardless of our skills to express creativity in our daily lives The benefits go far beyond a finished project when they both nurture and connect the soul of the family It is my hope to inspire other families to incorporate creativity into their own lives.

10 thoughts on “The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections

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    I wanted to love this book, I really did But I didn t In fact, it made me want to grab a big bag of partially hydrogenated Cheetos and an aspartame laced Diet Coke and revive myself.The writing is fine, the projects included are fine though I would have liked to seeAnd the photography is okay in my

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    I struggled with this book I wanted to love it I love the ideas that are in the book, but I couldn t love the book All of the ideas are Waldorf inspired, but I feel like the book was lacking a bit in execution If Good Reads gave half stars it would be a 3.5 star book 5 for ideas and a 2.5 for practicality.

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    Reading this book, I was so incredibly inspired by Soule and her parenting philosophy Soule s basic idea is that as parents we need to foster imagination and creativity in our children s lives We need to do it because the ability to be creative is innate in every child, and it is through the use of this creativity

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    i loved this book at first, then got to wondering if amanda blake soule ever does anything other than sew bunting, throw birthday parties for her kids imaginary friends, and breathlessly encourage them to pick up sticks and leaves does she ever do laundry, for example

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    This was a mixed experience for me I d like to be all positive about it, and I support the essence of what is said in it But hmHere s the thing There s great ideas and suggestions in this little book to inspire creativity within a family, with a focus on children However, the author s tone of voice too often grated in my ears Dow

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    I find myself making the same complaints about every instructional book I read sentence fragments, typos, too much preaching to the choir type filler material, too many annoyingly repeated words and turns of phrase for example, each and every , and the word gift used as a verb And yeah, this book wasn t really different Well, there were

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 27 June 2010 I m definitely enjoying this book, inspired by all of the creativity, and excited for when I can start putting some of the ideas into practice with my own family It s very well put together, very clear layout and writing, and I love all the pictures that

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    I like Soulemama s blog I like the devotion to her family and her craft Her book felt like her blog I like how passionate and creative she is about her home and family and how she incorporates nature into the craft projects she organizes with her kids It made me happy to read that a mom, inspired by the birth of her children and the growth of her family

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    This is a beautiful book, full of wonderful ideas for incorporating creativity into our own and our children s everyday lives I found many great ideas I m already using in my home, and it s really inspired me to consider the SPACE we play in and how to make itbeautiful AND useful I always was a William Morris fan 0 I put up an art wire from which are dangling m

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    How do I say this For starters, let s clarify that I really love Amanda s blog It is probably one of my three favorite craft blogs out there That said, I think the editor was a little too present in this book It promises Amanda s same warm tone as on her blog I didn t find this to be true There are times when you do hear Amanda but often it is muffled by editorial orga

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