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All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run Alternate Cover For This ASIN Can Be Found Here And HereOne Moment One Mistake Changes Her Life Forever When A Horrific Event Turns A Holiday Of A Lifetime Into A Nightmare, Lara Adams Finds Herself Stranded On A Remote Tropical Island She Joins Three Previously Shipwrecked Men Already Waiting For Rescue One Of The Men Proves To Be Something Of A Distraction From The Beautiful, But Unforgiving Environment Where Everyday Is A Struggle For Survival He Is Handsome, Charming And Intelligent, But Also Bitter And Angry Thanks To Sixteen Years On The Island Lara Initially Clashes With This Particular Member Of Their Tiny Island Community But As They Are Forced To Live Alongside One Another As Fellow Castaways, She Starts To See Another Side To His Personality And Finds Herself Increasingly Drawn To Him Lara Tries To Ignore Her Growing Attraction To Him, But Finds It Hard To Avoid Since On The Island There Really Is Nowhere To Run All Washed Up And Nowhere To Run Is A Compelling Story Of Unexpected Love, Friendship And Redemption Set Against Against A Stunningly Beautiful, But Dangerous Backdrop

About the Author: Rosamund Snow

Behind every person is a story.Rosamund Snow knew that she had to be a writer when she found herself forever imagining what the hidden stories of the people around her were.Educated in England and with a passion for story telling, Rosamund Snow often finds herself conjuring up new ideas for characters and stories at the most unexpected times and places.These moments of inspiration and imagination, coupled with the rich experiences of her journey through life so far, have provided her with a vast array of wonderful story ideas over the years.As a mother of two young children, Rosamund somehow managed to find time, out of nowhere, to finally put pen to paper.Bringing fiction to life, she writes in a delightfully vivid and fluent style that will keep you turning the pages for .Rosamund Snow tells of Lara and Jace s compelling story of survival in her d but romantic novel All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run.Visit her official website www.RosamundSnow.com to get exclusive notifications when she releases a new book.

10 thoughts on “All Washed Up and Nowhere to Run

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    Ah had so much potential, but was flawed with a blah and slow moving storyline and the extreme detail that this book was written in The writer can write, but needs an editor to clean up the minutia and small details that bogs this books down Couldn t even skip things on kindle, you d move forward 4 pages and find out that the character is still talking about the same thing As far as the story just could have been SO

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    So pleased to have won All Washed Up and Nowhere to run in a recent Goodreads First Reads Giveaway This was a very enjoyable book and quite a page turner I never write what a book is about for fear of spoiling for others, but I do recommend.

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    No idea how people rated it so highLong and drawn out couldn t make it through half of the book just on and on why say it in one sentence if you can use 3 chapters

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    I found myself skimming the first quarter of this book It was filled with too much of Lara s backstory which wasn t overly relevant to the story in my opinion I felt that a lot of it should have been left out entirely, but some of therelevant details about her life could have been delicately woven into the story at a later date The promise of a thrilling tale of adventure, survival and romance kept me reading, however, and

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    No wayI decided to read this after reading the reviews and was so disappointed It was boring Several chapters could have been completely omitted and the story not changed at all Not to mention a love story that this hopeless romantic just couldn t get behind I kept waiting for her to fall for one of the other characters No way would any woman in her right mind fall in love with someone who attempted to rape her Just when the

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    I liked the idea, but not the execution The guy was not very likable, the chemistry nonexistent, and too many convenient instances There was build up, but once you got to the moment, it just fell flat.

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    Decent I adore romantic castaway books This isn t one of the better ones, but was still an enjoyable read.I wish that Jace had better chemistry with Lara They just never worked for me Especially with how Jace was written during f the first half of the novel.

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    DNFI couldn t stand reading any after the hero tried raping the heroine THAT is NOT romance There is something deeply wrong with this author

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    It had potential, but the writing was just not awesome and made it difficult to really get into the story, as it were.

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    I had such hopes, and it was just so bad

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