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The Velvet Rope Economy From New York Times Business Reporter Nelson D Schwartz Comes A Gripping Investigation Of How A Virtual Velvet Rope Divides Americans In Every Arena Of Life, Creating A Friction Free Existence For Those With Money On One Side And A Darwinian Struggle For The Middle Class On The Other SideIn Nearly Every Realm Of Daily Life From Health Care To Education, Highways To Home Security There Is An Invisible Velvet Rope That Divides How Americans Live On One Side Of The Rope, For A Price, Red Tape Is Cut, Lines Are Jumped, Appointments Are Secured, And Doors Are Opened On The Other Side, Middle And Working Class Americans Fight To Find An Empty Seat On The Plane, A Place In Line With Their Kids At The Amusement Park, A College Acceptance, Or A Hospital Bed We Are All Aware Of The Gap Between The Rich And Everyone Else, But When We Weren T Looking, Business Innovators Stepped In To Exploit It, Shifting Services Away From The Masses And Finding New Ways To Profit By Serving The Privileged And As Decision Makers And Corporate Leaders Increasingly Live On The Friction Free Side Of The Velvet Rope, They Are Less Inclined To Change Or Even Notice The Obstacles Everyone Else Must Contend With Schwartz S Must Read Book Takes Us On A Behind The Scenes Tour Of This New Reality And Shows The Toll The Velvet Rope Divide Takes On Society

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday Books for advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I d thought I d start a non fiction book so I wasn t up too late This ended up keeping me up It reads smoothly, transitioning and segueing into different areas without effort I won t say this book didn t trouble mea lot Just this morning we were discussing ho

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    Excellent book

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    The recent results from a Gallup Poll Jan 2018 showed that 36% Americans are dissatisfied with the ability to get ahead by working hard This should not be a surprise for anyone working today for peanuts while exhausting themselves daily for 10c raises as Top Producers Associate of the Months and whatever other title they wiggle in your face to try to achieve.I know this be

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    The Velvet Rope Economy is a shocking expos of our continually splintering economy and value system Schwartz skillfully navigates the playground of the super rich and their long list of premium experiences from VIP amusement park tours and luxury sports arena boxes to better access to hospitals and educational opportunities The real life examples and statistics he reveals invok

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