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The Library of Legends From The Author Of Three Souls And Dragon Springs Road Comes A Captivating Historical Novel In Which A Convoy Of Student Refugees Travel Across China, Fleeing The Hostilities Of A Brutal War With Japan Myths Are The Darkest And Brightest Incarnations Of Who We Are China, When Japanese Bombs Begin Falling On The City Of Nanking, Nineteen Year Old Hu Lian And Her Classmates At Minghua University Are Ordered To Flee Lian And A Convoy Of Students, Faculty And Staff Must Walk , Miles To The Safety Of China S Western Provinces, A Journey Marred By The Constant Threat Of Aerial Attack And It Is Not Just The Refugees Who Are At Risk Lian And Her Classmates Have Been Entrusted With A Priceless Treasure A Year Old Collection Of Myths And Folklore Known As The Library Of Legends The Students Common Duty To Safeguard The Library Of Legends Creates Unexpected Bonds Lian Becomes Friends And Forms A Cautious Romance With The Handsome And Wealthy Liu Shaoming But After One Classmate Is Arrested And Another One Is Murdered, Lian Realizes She Must Escape Before A Family Secret Puts Her In Danger Too Accompanied By Shao And His Enigmatic Maidservant, Sparrow, Lian Makes Her Way To Shanghai In The Hopes Of Reuniting With Her Mother During The Journey, Lian Learns Of The Connection Between Her Two Companions And A Tale From The Library Of Legends, The Willow Star And The Prince This Revelation Comes With Profound Consequences, For As The Ancient Books Travel Across China, They Awaken Immortals And Guardian Spirits Who Embark On An Exodus Of Their Own, One That Will Change The Country S Fate Forever

About the Author: Janie Chang

Janie Chang grew up listening to stories about life in a small Chinese town in the years before the Second World War and tales of ancestors who encountered dragons, ghosts, and immortals Her two novels, THREE SOULS andl DRAGON SPRINGS ROAD have been nominated for the 2019 International Dublin Literary Award DRAGON SPRINGS ROAD was a Canadian national bestseller Her upcoming novel THE LIBRARY OF

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    2020 review 3.75 5stars Full transparency Janie Chang wrote my all time favorite book Three Souls and sent me an ARC of The Library of Legends early THANK YOU Janie for sending me this Let me begin by stating the obvious I did not give this 5 stars like I did Three Souls and Dragon Springs Road I was slightly disappointed in this book for two reasons that were my own fault 1 my expectations were absolutely THROUGH THE ROOF2 this wasn t the book I was expecting because I didn t read the synopsis lolAlso, let me say right up I HIGHLY recommend this book for fans of Fantasy books who want to get into historical Lit fic This would be SUCH a great stepping stone for people like that because this is historical lit fic but has MANY elements you d find in a fantasy novel plot event based large cast of characters and POV switches folklore magic DRAGONS Star crossed lovers WAR Characters traveling from one place across the country to another amazing world building The unfortunate part is, I m not a big fan of fantasy, so I was waiting for this book to be a literary fiction similar to TS or DSR, which it simply wasn t I applaud Janie for trying something new, and I think this book will work for a LOT of people I m hoping if I reread it, it will get that full 5stars, but I guess I m selfish and just want Leiyin all over again lolThings I liked the plot was SO interesting Love the use of folklore and myths so much history I feel like Janie s books teach me about China than any class did the characters were really interesting and fleshed out VERY gripping Kept me wanting to read every time I put it down The writing is very simple but still beautiful weirdly timely It was very strange but reading about this war and the bombings of Nanking and the conversations about war and trauma WEIRDLY are being talked about today in 2020 with the covid 19 pandemic Terrifying but timely.Things I disliked I m not a big fan of the characters traveling from one place to another I felt the dialogue was quite stilted and didn t let the characters open up to each other or show the building of relationships I wish we got about the library We got a few myths which I LOVED and I wanted I ll be adding to this review and also posting my videos closer to the release day MAY 12, 2020 2018 pre release WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAITWAITWAITTTTTTTWHEN DID THIS GET A TITLE AND A RELEASE DATEWHY AM I SO BEHINDHOLY CRAP2 YEARS UNTIL JANIE CHANG S 3RD NOVEL COMES OUT BRB SCREAMING

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    Stunning novel that manages so many facets of good ole fashion story telling A dynamic tale set between opposing matters of rule in 1937 China where wealthy children of the ruling oligarchy have only adjusted to adulthood, students who now have their illusions shattered as they flee into the impoverished interior with little food security or even protection fr

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    Atmospheric and beautifully told, Janie Chang has woven a tale that tugs on the threads of China s history and legend alike Readers will find themselves immersed in this story of love amidst war, hope amidst sacrifice Highly recommended

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    A poetic love letter to China s mythology and culture These kind of books are the reason I fell in love with reading they enrich your knowledge and makes you almost feel like you have lived in another place When they say whoever reads books has lived a thousand lives, they mean book like this one I absolutely loved it

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    21 3 20Thank you Book of the Month for gifting me a copy of this book Very excited to read DYou can find me on

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    One of my Book of the Month picks for April This premise sounds pretty good, but the added supernatural element is really pulling me in.

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    3.5 stars for a beautiful, atmospheric story that succeeded in transporting me into a wartime fairytale, but kept me at a bothersome distance from the characters.The book follows Lian, Shao, and Sparrow on their walk across China with their university in 1937 while Japanese bombs fall all around them The university students carry with them the Library of Legends, a centuries old collection

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    I chose this book for my BOM April 2020 choice for 3 reasons 1 I thought it had a pretty cover 2 It s an early release 3 Because it s subject matter is not something that I would normally choose to read However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story The magical aspect contributed to the book without being overpowering or too much and made it seem legend like I liked that a

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    This book was received as an ARC from HarperCollins Publishers William Morrow Paperbacks in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.What a compelling story of Liu going to school and then finding out her area of country is being bombed at this very minute and she has to flee from all she knows to reunite with her mother in Shanghai Liu also ca

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    Well written, with likable characters, a vivid sense of place, a dash of magical realism, and an interesting plot, this novel will hold your interest to the end In 1937, the Japanese army invaded China Amidst the turmoil and upheaval, universities began to evacuate their students to the country s inland area Education is highly valued in China, and the students were seen as being the nation s intellectual t

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