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Sisters of Sword and Song From The Author Of The Queen S Rising Comes A Thrilling YA Stand Alone Fantasy About The Unbreakable Bond Between Sisters Perfect For Fans Of Ember In The Ashes, Sky In The Deep, And Court Of FivesAfter Eight Long Years, Evadne Will Finally Be Reunited With Her Older Sister, Halcyon, Who Has Been Proudly Serving In The Queen S Army But When Halcyon Appears Earlier Than Expected, Eva Knows Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong Halcyon Is On The Run, Hunted By Her Commander And Charged With MurderThough Halcyon S Life Is Spared During Her Trial, The Punishment Is Heavy And When Eva Volunteers To Serve Part Of Halcyon S Sentence, She S Determined To Find Out Exactly What Happened But As Eva Begins Her Sentence, She Quickly Learns That There Are Fates Much Worse Than Death Take my money Take all of it. I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.AND THE WINNER OF THE PRETTIEST COVER GOES TO I loved this so, so, so much This is a miracle After months of flipping from one book to another I finally finished one Bless this book Is my dreaded book slump over I certainly hope so This beautifully written standalone takes place in an alternate Ancient Greek world with its own unique mythology Each of the nine divinesgods left behind an earthly relic for humankind, some of which were never recovered, and each relic has its own magical properties 1 Magda mother goddess of the sun the Sunstone Ring grants enchanted healing to its bearer 2 Irix father god of the sky the Sky Cloak grants power over weather and elements 3 Ari goddess of the night the Shawl of Stars grants protection to its bearer is impenetrable and rebounds weapons 4 Nikomides god of war the Devouring Sword grants dominion over enemy weapons, turning them into dust also cuts down enchantments 5 Acantha goddess of fate and knowledge the All Seeing Crown grants its bearer protection from enchantments and enables them to see the past, present, or future of the one they look upon 6 Euthymius god of earth and beasts the Golden Belt grants animal allegiance to its bearer 7 Loris goddess of water and sea the Pearl Earrings grants the power to breathe underwater 8 Pyrrhus god of fire trapped beneath the earth the Ember Stone grants fire effortlessly when the stone is breathed upon 9 Kirkos god of the wind fallen god the Winged Necklace grants flight to its bearer The story revolves around two sisters from Isaura the hoplite, Halcyon and the scribe, Evadne Halcyon is a fierce warrior, who serves under the command of Lord Straton in his legion until she is accused of murdering his son and her fellow hoplite, Xander Straton demands punishment for her crimes, and Halcyon is sentenced to five years working in a quarry, five years in prison, and five years in service to Straton s household Not wanting to lose her sister for 15 years, Evadne agrees to serve the five years in Straton s household on her sister s behalf It turns out that Halcyon s crimes are not a simple as they seem and she and Xander had undertaken a secret mission to uncover one of the powerful relics As Halcyon tries to survive the quarry, where she s surrounded by enemies and those who desire information from her by any means possible Evadne and Xander s younger brother, Damon, who is a mage, have decided to see the mission through And they face much powerful mages than themselves, mages who want to possess the relic for the powers that it grants the user Both sisters find themselves in very dangerous situations and find strength in the love they have for each other It s been a while since I ve come across such a wholesome sibling relationship in a book Halcyon and Evadne s love and devotion to each other was so strong and they were willing to do whatever it took to protect each other It was so lovely to see, and I d love to see books in this wonderfully constructed world view spoiler I also loved Evadne s slow burn romance with Damon It was so cute and they were so gentle with one another I don t know why, but I love the anticipation leading up to slow burns It makes when they finally get together all the satisfying hide spoiler My classical heart just can not because this looks so good sisters ancient Greece magic and myths girls in bronze armor olive gardensancient Greece Spoiler free I originally sort of pushed this book to the side It sounded good, but something I would get to in the future I m not sure what pulled me back to it, but I decided I really wanted to read it My friend is a huge fan of this author hi Mo , so I knew I wanted to at least give it a try Plus, I m finding that I m really drawn to sisters stories And one of the sisters takes on part of the other sister s punishment And its a fate worse than death But the punishment isn t described and we have no idea what it could be Yes, that sounded like something I wanted to read and something I wanted to know of.After reading this one, I can understand where Mo s love of this author comes from I m ready to scream my love of this book from the rooftops.Alright, I m not quite where to start I guess I ll start with the world Wow, it was something to behold It s absolutely gorgeous, in a soft feeling kind of way There are dark parts and there are evil things that are apart of it Gods trapped beneath mountains, a mage who sends phantoms to protect the mountain, and some people who are horrible Still, the beauty of it shines through Halcyon and Evadne s home is in a grove with olive trees and it has tons of sunshine I honestly thought it was just really beautiful.And this world has mages and scribes and warriors, and I just found everything about it so brilliant I loved every part it of, from mountain with evil in its depths to the city where Evadne has to go to serve part of her sentence It fit the story really, really well and it shined through.I also really loved the characters Halcyon and Evadne were so different Halcyon is a warrior and she wants to fight Evadne is softer, but no less fierce She craves magic, but does not have any So, she finds other ways to help and her own ways to fight The sisters love each other so much and they are willing to do anything for each other Their bond was so strong and I loved seeing how much they loved each other It felt really special.The familial relationships were also something really amazing I love seeing parents who adore their children Evadne and Halcyon have a big family, and they all live in the grove together I loved all of them and I loved seeing them interact They all cared so deeply for each other.Even the characters who weren t related by blood, but shared that familial connected was something I really loved There was pain ingrained in these relationships I have to be vague because of spoilers , and situations that had no right answer to them But there is still love underneath everything I really, really liked seeing those relationships play out and how they developed It wasn t something I ve seen in a lot of books before, but I really liked see it It was complicated and it was painful, but it was also full of love.There is also a male main character that I seriously adored He was so kind He wasn t kind to make people happy or anything like that, he was kind because that s the kind of person he was I dunno, but it felt really special to me He was a really solid guy, because that s who he was at his core He was kind and I know that seems like a small word, but it felt really big to me Plus, it created the sweetest romance and some of the things he said made my heart want to explode out of my chest.I also loved how magic and the gods were integrated into this book They weaved themselves into the plot I don t quite know how to describe them other than they were fascinating.Alright, maybe I should take about the actual plot haha IT WAS VERY VERY GOOD It s cloaked in secrets and filled with that complicated pain And there are so many plot twists There was one near the beginning and even then I was shocked I loved how information was withheld from the reader to build suspense It didn t feel frustrating, it felt like a very calculated move and it created a feeling that I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It was really smart.The plot was big and was something that felt world ending But, this book is a standalone I feel like it could have been than one book, but I also like that it wasn t It s packed full of so much, but not in a way that feels overwhelming Everything that happens has it s place Plus, I liked that everything was wrapped up in the end Ah, I can t say enough good things about this book There were magical relics, hidden alliances, complicated pain, familial relationships, an amazing male character, amazing female characters, magic, scribes, mountains with evil within them, and so much I really, really loved this book It was so good

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