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The Last Train to Key West 4.5 hurricane starsI have become a big fan of Chanel Cleeton s historical fiction books, especially her two recent ones with Cuban roots This one is a bit different, set in the Florida Keys, but one of the female characters is from Cuba.There are three very different women whose lives all converge in the Keys in 1935 over Labor Day weekend just before and during a powerful hurricane The book alternates with chapters from each character and each section is long enough to propel each story along The connections come close to the end and one surprise in particular I did not see coming There s also the railroad which is being built with many laborers who were soldiers and have returned from WWI They are housed in squalid government camps and not treated well a piece of history I did not know at all My favorite character was Helen, a hardworking, pregnant waitress in Key West Her husband is a scoundrel who leaves bruises behind There s a quiet railroad man who come to her caf for key lime pie He ends up playing an unexpected role in her life.Elizabeth has traveled from New York in search of a man who is working on the railroad She s engaged to a man back in New York under mysterious circumstances Her family has struggled after the crash as her father and brother were stockbrokers.Mirta has just married and has left her family in Cuba to join her husband in New York They are stopping at a house in the Keys to enjoy a honeymoon This was an arranged marriage as her family has fallen on difficult times with the change in the regime in Cuba.The hurricane hits all of them a bit differently but their lives will never be the same I really enjoyed this one I ve never been to the Keys, but Chanel Cleeton brought the rugged beauty of these islands to life I also never knew how destructive this hurricane was and how our technology has helped this part of the world try to be prepared for these weather events.This was another fun buddy read with Dorie and we both liked it I recommend it to those that enjoy historical fiction with some romance.Thank you to Edelweiss, Chanel Cleeton, and Berkley for an early copy of this one to read This one is scheduled to be out 6.16.2020. The Last Train to Key West is another exceptional story by Cleeton, who has quickly become a favorite among historical fiction fans When the lives of three women from vastly different circumstances intersect even as the winds from the ocean threaten devastation, secrets are exposed, love is questioned and new life emerges even as others are in danger Cleeton has fashioned a story that is gripping, romantic, and packed with drama Readers will be up late eager to find out what happens The Last Train to Key West begins just days before the Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 The country is still feeling the impact of the Great Depression The three main characters paths first cross in Key West at Ruby s Diner where we meet the young women whose lives will be changed by the horrific disaster about to occur.Helen Berner is nine months pregnant and is still working at Ruby s as a waitress She is trapped in a marriage with an abusive husband Mirta Perez has married a virtual stranger after her Cuban family has lost its social standing under the new Batista regime The newlyweds have come to the Keys for their honeymoon before the wealthy American businessman takes Mirta back to New York Elizabeth Preston s family was ruined in the stock market crash and she is now engaged to man she does not love She flees New York and heads to the Keys to find her brother, a war veteran, to escape her fianc The women s lives intersect again when they each travel to Upper Matecumbe, where the hurricane lands creating catastrophic damage and tragic death In addition to the engaging stories of the three women, filled with love and determination, author Chanel Cleeton does an excellent job providing well researched history which was rich in detail including Henry Flagler s ambitious railroad project hoping to link New York with Havana and the veterans who were housed in deplorable camps to work on its construction.This was such an enjoyable and interesting journey I could not put the book down Many thanks to Edelweiss, Berkley Penguin Publishing Book and Ms Cleeton for an advance copy of this riveting book which will be published on June 16, 2020.Rated 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars.Review to be posted at MicheleReader.com closer to publication. Jesus, I can t wait for this book to be in my possession. The story follows three women in the Florida Keys Elizabeth, running from a forced marriage in New York Mirta, Cuban, and just married to a man she barely knows, and Helen, pregnant, with an abusive husband Their lives intersect in a surprising way during a devastating 1935 hurricane, which was one of the most powerful ever to hit the US This novel is page turning historical fiction at its best intriguing women dealing with situations they did not choose, and an intense storm that changed everything Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for the ARC. The Last Train to Key West takes you on an incredible and emotion charged journey through the lives of three women facing a catastrophic hurricane that changes them forever and shows them how courageous they really are This book has everything a reader could want not one but three incredible love stories, page turning drama and rich historical detail I finished the last chapter with a sigh of satisfaction that only a great book can bring about It s 1935, and amid the Great Depression three very different women are headed to Matecumbe Key for different reasons Mirta just got married to a stranger on behest of her father, Elizabeth is running from her struggles in New York, and Helen is desperately looking for a better life now that she is about to have a baby Little do they know that their destinies are already entwined, or that one of the worst hurricanes in history is about to hitThe Keys are a very unique place so when I learned they were the setting for Chanel Cleeton s latest, I scrambled to get my hands on it I couldn t put this fabulously romantic, fast paced, and tension filled novel down and I enjoyed every page Thank you to the publisher for providing an ARC. In Three Women Are Forever Changed When One Of The Most Powerful Hurricanes In History Barrels Toward The Florida Keys In New York Timesbestselling Author Chanel Cleeton S Captivating New NovelEveryone Journeys To Key West Searching For Something For The Tourists Traveling On Henry Flagler S Legendary Overseas Railroad, Labor Day Weekend Is An Opportunity To Forget The Economic Depression Gripping The Nation But One Person S Paradise Can Be Another S Prison, And Key West Native Helen Berner Yearns To EscapeThe Cuban Revolution Of Left Mirta Perez S Family In A Precarious Position After An Arranged Wedding In Havana, Mirta Arrives In The Keys On Her Honeymoon While She Can T Deny The Growing Attraction To The Stranger She S Married, Her New Husband S Illicit Business Interests May Threaten Not Only Her Relationship, But Her LifeElizabeth Preston S Trip From New York To Key West Is A Chance To Save Her Once Wealthy Family From Their Troubles As A Result Of The Wall Street Crash Her Quest Takes Her To The Camps Occupied By Veterans Of The Great War And Pairs Her With An Unlikely Ally On A Treacherous Hunt Of His OwnOver The Course Of The Holiday Weekend, The Women S Paths Cross Unexpectedly, And The Danger Swirling Around Them Is Matched Only By The Terrifying Force Of The Deadly Storm Threatening The Keys This novel is so good, i can t describe it because any word i can say is very little.I loved Chanel Cleeton books so much, she is the kind of authors who made you easy involved in her books and you can t put it down for a minute It grab you from page 1 until you finish it, so excited.The characters are adorable specially Helen, she is amazing and lovely.I never been in hurricane before but when i read this i felt that i have been with them, i loved that she is taking her material from true events like her books about Cuba and the revolution.The cover is lovely, as usual from Chanel she choose attractive photos. It s strange how your life can change so quickly, how one moment you can barely eke by, desperation filling your days, and then suddenly, out of the unimaginably horrific, a glimmer of something beautiful can appear like a bud pushing through the hard formed earthDo you ever get filled with such delight and happiness while reading that you can t help but smile and release a huge sigh Do you ever get filled with such fear or sadness that your heart is in your throat, and your whole body goes tense Those are what I experience while reading Chanel Cleeton s writing My favorite stories from her are the ones where she explores real life circumstances and puts her twist on them As if she researched some part of history and wondered about the people who lived them and felt the need to write their stories.The Last Train to Key West was a beautifully written story about three women whose lives were turned upside down and intertwined, by The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 An abused wife of a fisherman, a young Cuban woman in an arranged marriage to a New York mobster, and a woman hoping to escape her impending marriage, one that her soon to be husband won as payment for a gambling debt, share their stories through alternating POV s These women continually faced trials and persevered non the less Their strength was admirable They search for a better life despite the situations and times in which they livedWhy is it that when men approach women as conquests to be won they are lauded, but when women decide to go on a hunt of their own, they re branded too aggressive, too eager, too greedyDeeply passionate, The Last Train to Key West was filled with hope and heartache, resilience and devastation, love and longing I was provided a review copy by the publisher this did not influence my opinion of the book.

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